Webinar: Fuel your P2P with high quality e-invoice data

Webinar: Fuel your P2P with high quality e-invoice data

No matter how good your Accounts Payable and Procure-to-Pay systems are, if data captured into the system from your incoming invoices is subpar, you’ll never enjoy true automation benefits or have reliable insights for your business.

Even though e-invoicing is becoming a global norm, it’s a fact that not all of your vendors are able or willing to send e-invoices. As well as this, another level of complexity is added by global e-invoicing compliance. It is a growing field of needs and demands of invoice formats, channels, and regulations that you need to navigate. And let’s not forget, the costly price of paper invoices versus e-invoices is making a return to manual processes a “no no”.

Watch our on-demand webinar to hear how you can overcome these challenges – high quality e-invoice data is key. Gustav Gnosspelius of Basware and our guest speaker, François Chevillotte from Fluxym, will be exploring:

  1. Why e-invoicing is key to successful P2P operations

  2. The means of capturing quality data off your invoices to fuel your P2P

  3. How to remain compliant with global mandates such as the upcoming France 2024 e-invoicing mandate

  4. Best e-invoicing practices – examples from the market