Insead Case Study – Delivering 100% spend visibility

Insead Case Study – Delivering 100% spend visibility

INSEAD runs Basware’s P2P solutions in the cloud and is served by our French partner Fluxym.

INSEAD is one of the world's leading and largest graduate business schools with campuses across the world including France, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and the USA.

In this case, Anne Gaelle speaks about the reasons why Basware was the solution of choice and Fluxym the ideal partner to run the P2P project. We will dive into the worldwide procurement process and the invoicing challenges that INSEAD needed to address for their global operation.

Main challenges:

  • Different existing finance processes in the 4 countries

  • Lack of spend visibility and control

  • The need for a procurement process and best practices

  • Electronic invoices had a manual process (print and scan)

  • New finance and procurement team with new responsibilities in Singapore