Automation: The Key to your Remote Office

The Key to your Remote Office

Remote working isn’t going away anytime soon. So, it’s imperative that your organization is prepared to deal with the new way of working and is able to automate manual processes that previously required working hands. In this eBook we breakdown the changes necessary for people, processes and technology to support a successful remote workforce and how automation enables organizations to future-proof their business.

Why is adapting to a remote workforce so important?

  • Concerns over loss of productivity due to remote working have declined.

  • Recent PwC study suggests 68% of companies feel that this new flexibility in working will serve the company well in the long run.

  • 44% say they’re finding new ways to serve customers.

  • Use of social technology in the workplace has increased and will continue to remain a key component of everyday communication.

  • Organizations cannot afford to ignore the relevance of remote working in their operational and automation plans going forward.