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Peppol is a common global framework for the cross-border exchange of electronic business documents. It is an entire set of rules and technical specifications to harmonize electronic business document formats and transmission standards. Peppol’s level of sophistication is in fact so high that across the globe many countries implement compulsory electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) mandates & regulations based on the Peppol framework’s technical foundation. Peppol connectivity is a central business and compliance requirement for any organization working across borders.


Being able to connect to the Peppol Network is a must for many organizations and will only become more relevant moving forward as Peppol adoption rises across the globe. As an official Peppol Access Point, the Basware Network enables your organization to connect to Peppol and transact with your buyers and suppliers seamlessly.

We Understand Your Requirements

Today, there are many local invoicing and procurement requirements and recommendations all around the world, and Peppol plays an important role. Sooner or later, many globally active organizations encounter Peppol access as a requirement when connecting to buyers or suppliers.

  • Many countries trust the Peppol business validation rules for local invoicing mandates & rulings.

  • Peppol’s importance in B2B connectivity and document exchange is continuously growing.

  • Compliance with e-invoicing mandates & regulations is a central business requirement.

Peppol Government Mandates & Regulations Across The Globe

Across the globe, more and more countries are imposing specific regulations around e-invoicing to enforce VAT compliance and encourage organizations to adopt e-invoicing. Many countries trust Peppol’s technical specifications to impose their mandates:

Australia Australia

Poland Flag Poland

new-zealand New Zealand

Norway Norway

Germany Germany

Netherlands Netherlands

Singapore Singapore

England England

France France

Denmark Denmark

Sweden Sweden

Belgium Belgium

Italy Italy

Austria Austria

Basware has been at the forefront of developing e-invoicing and e-procurement solutions, and continuously keeps track of the latest local requirements on a global scale. Through the Basware Network, your organization can ensure globally compliant B2G & B2B connectivity, be it via Peppol or other local legal requirements.

Official Peppol Access Point & Developer

In fact, Basware has been a central part of Peppol development efforts since its very beginning. Going back to the late 2000s, Basware was the first official access point that sent the very first live transaction in the Peppol Network. Ever since, Basware has been an integral part in further developing and improving the Peppol Network, with the strategic goal of delivering compliant global B2B & B2G connectivity to our customers.

“As an Access Point software implementer for the Peppol Access Points in the Oxalis Community I probably know better than most how important it is to have a resilient access system into the Peppol Network - it is a foundational aspect.”

Arun Kumar, Senior Product Architect at Basware & Oxalis Management Team Member


Peppol E-invoice Sending

With the Basware Network at your side, your Accounts Receivable department can rest assured when it comes to delivering Peppol compliant e-invoices to your entire customer base. The Basware Network connects to all your buyers, enabling you to eliminate manual processes, lower processing costs, and ensure global compliance with data formats such as Peppol, IDOC, cXML, UBL, EDIFACT, TEAPPS, Finvoice, OIOUBL, Svefaktura, and more.

Peppol E-invoice Receiving

With Basware you can ensure 100% supplier connectivity and receive all of your invoices in all relevant invoice formats in one place – completely paperless and without manual processes. Your organization can trust the Basware Network to receive all invoices. This way, you can ensure total invoice data capture (such as Peppol & all other relevant formats) – an absolute requirement for touchless Accounts Payable Automation.

Peppol Procurement

Peppol can also be used to support procurement initiatives. These abilities span not only from the practice of finding suppliers already working to Peppol standards, but also in terms of supporting compliance and ensuring that order messaging and content exchange is sent over secure and standardized networks.

While Peppol is not an e-procurement platform, its framework can be adopted into existing e-procurement solutions and e-business exchange services helping to reduce manual work and supplier onboarding.

Peppol enables secure communications between businesses and buyers throughout the procurement process meaning that all interaction is stored and streamlined, giving you access and insights into more of your data.

Find out more about the benefits of adopting Peppol into your procurement processes.

“In my years at Basware and as the main contributor and committer to the Oxalis code, it is exciting to see how the Basware Network and the Peppol Network connect to one another and communicate – this is cutting edge technology designed to clearly meet the requirements of organizations who transaction across the globe.”

Arun Kumar, Senior Product Architect at Basware & Oxalis Management Team Member