Enable e-Invoice Receiving from the Basware Network to Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and E-Business Suite using the Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC)

Easily connect Basware’s e-invoice receiving solution to the oracle fusion cloud ERP and e-business suite for total invoice data capture

Basware OIC Recipe

What is the Basware OIC Recipe?

Disparate, unorganised, and incomplete data is a headache for the modern business looking to use data to inform strategy, reduce risk, and increase efficiency. To further support the aggregation of 100% of your financial data and harmonise your ERP & P2P landscape, Oracle created an advanced connector (or as they call it, a “recipe”) just for Basware. Basware e-Invoice Receiving being integrated via OIC with Oracle ERPs ensures 100% of your invoice data is captured for processing at Oracle ERPs' AP Automation solutions

Download the OIC installation file here


The Basware OIC Recipe helps keep data from all your ERP systems aligned and combined. Through it, advanced e-invoicing data is automatically collected and transferred into your EBS/Fusion ERP. As soon as a new invoice is received, the integration flow is immediately triggered to start reviewing and collecting all data. The Basware OIC Recipe helps contribute to 100% invoice data capture by automatically:

  • Listing new incoming invoices from the Basware Network
  • Downloading invoice images, attachments, and invoice data
  • Storing, converting, and validating all invoice data
  • Importing and processing other AP-related tasks originating in the OIC integration

Lets Get Started

How to get started

When customers sign up for Basware e-Invoice Receiving, they receive access credentials which are stored within the Basware OIC tenant.

Download the OIC installation file

Interested in implementing Basware at your company?

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Basware E-invoice receiving solution

Save time and money by automating your accounts payable (AP) invoice receiving processes. No matter how large or small, your organisation can quickly realise the benefits of world-class e-invoicing practices. From day 1 of Basware implementation, your organisation can receive 100% of your invoices as electronic invoices right away by offering your suppliers a range of options for sending e-invoices – meaning they can continue sending invoices in their preferred manner. Whether it be paper, PDF, EDI, XML, etc., Basware e-Invoice Receiving accepts all invoice types, captures and validates 100% of your invoice data, and stores all your financial information in one, succinct location.

Basware e-invoice receiving empowers companies to:

  • Accept invoices from suppliers without requiring them to change the way they send them, getting rid of paper in your AP from day 1
  • Deploy a single e-invoice receiving solution globally thanks to multi-country and multi-language support as well as multi-ERP support
  • Receive invoices electronically from anywhere in the world through +220 partners
  • Streamline operations in more geographies, aggregate more data for analysts, and achieve global visibility and compliance
  • Drive touchless processing, accelerate invoice review and approval, and increase capture of early payment discounts
  • Offer suppliers real-time visibility into invoice and payment statuses, meaning less inquiry handling for your AP team
  • Support suppliers in their own digital transformation journeys and help them make the change to electronic invoice sending

Basware Network

About the Basware Network

The Basware Network delivers the lowest friction option for supplier onboarding globally and enables you to receive all your invoices electronically by connecting you to all your suppliers. The Basware Network makes it easy to transact with over 2 million organisations and more than 220 global partner networks.

By leveraging the largest global, compliant, open commerce network, it’s easy to interact and collaborate with suppliers worldwide. Joining the Basware Network also ensures compliance with global invoice receipt, processing, and archival standards and protocols. In fact, Basware has been involved in the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (Peppol) initiative’s development for over 10 years and is a leader in global Peppol rollout and adoption. The Basware Network is supported by easy onboarding services, that require no fees to join. This means you can easily connect to all your suppliers – from the largest to the smallest.



The Basware Network supports interoperability with other networks. In fact, we’re a long-standing sponsor in Peppol and a committed, active service provider on a mission: to connect buyers and sellers around the globe, seamlessly and efficiently. Basware’s support of interoperability extends to all important protocols and electronic document formats such as IDOC, cXML, UBL, EDIFACT, TEAPPS, Finvoice, OIOUBL, Svefaktura, and more.

Supplier Management

With Basware, you can easily consolidate information about suppliers from multiple databases, making the latest data available to all departments in real-time. You can verify supplier company data through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet. Suppliers can also maintain their own information to make sure you always have the most up-to-date data, which speeds up payments and prevents errors.