Webinar with EBG: Beyond the 'Great Resignation' - What the Future AP Department Looks Like

Webinar with EBG: Beyond the

The workforce is on the move! The Great Resignation is likely already impacting you and your organisation. Staff turnover presents challenges, but also great opportunities for Accounts Payable professionals, leaders, and those entering the profession. Best practice organisations must attract new talent while retaining existing AP rockstars by providing engaging roles and best of breed platforms. They must also find more streamlined operating models that enable them to remain agile in times of change. Join IOFM’s Industry analyst Mark Brousseau and Basware’s VP, Proposition Marketing Chris Blake to learn what top-performing AP teams will prepare for 2022 and beyond. Learn how automation can supercharge you and your AP team, generate hard savings, and provide cutting edge tools and processes.

Watch this on-demand webinar where we will discuss:

  • What are the main drivers changing AP departments?

  • How are operating models changed in line with automation advancements?

  • Which finance skills will be most important ahead?

  • How can you evaluate your AP status and how to choose and retain the best talents?