Top 10 Procure-to-Pay trends you cannot ignore

Top 10 Procure-to-Pay trends you cannot ignore

A new year comes with new business opportunities and new procure-to-pay (P2P) trends. 2021 offers us a fresh start coming out of a challenging 2020. At Basware, we've predicted that these top 10 trends will affect how businesses operate in both the immediate and near future. In our eBook, “Top Trends to watch in Procure-to-Pay in 2021 and Beyond,” we go further in-depth with top trends like:

  • The fact that digital strategy is now no longer an option, but a must-have

  • Cloud based solutions will become critical to ensure business continuity

  • Data and analytics as proactive not reactive tools

  • How global regulations are changing

  • The growing importance of risk management

  • AI & ML

  • The rise of the P2P ecosystem

  • How leadership is looking at ways to build effective talent strategies

  • Why transparency should be a key element in your business processes

  • Environmental sustainability is driving an increased interest in automation

Download the eBook report, "Top Trends to Watch in Procure-to-Pay in 2021 and Beyond" and learn more about these innovative trends.