Purchase to Pay for CIOs

Purchase to Pay for CIOs

Traditionally, businesses have focused on deploying cloud services in areas with peak load demand and special services. In financial applications, however, there are broader reasons--to unlock new revenue streams and reach levels of financial agility. 

With an automated purchase to pay (P2P), CFOs can move the entire process to the cloud. With suppliers seamlessly connected, both buyers and suppliers can benefit from increased agility in IT and take advantage of new financing services.

Read our fact sheet to discover exactly how P2P solutions can transform IT and allow IT teams to bring greater value to their organisations, including:

  • Respond quickly to business changes with agility in IT

  • Connect suppliers and partners to one business network

  • Free IT resources to focus on business needs

  • Increase availability, security and services levels with lower TCO

  • Shift IT capital expenses to operating expenses

  • Extend the lifecycle of ERP solutions