PayStream Advisors: 2017 Global AP Automation Report

The Guide to Global AP Automation by PayStream Advisors

Navigate the complexities of global invoicing compliance with this report

International legal and tax regulations for invoice processing can differ extensively, and requirements are constantly shifting. Failure to comply can cost millions of dollars in fines. As a result, organisations outsource or build large internal teams to manage regional requirements, and often store excessive paper evidence of compliance.

To tackle this, the PayStream Advisors' 2017 Global AP Automation Report explains how multinational organisations can simplify the accounts payable process for finance teams through high-grade invoice automation software.

In this report you will discover:

  • An introduction to international invoicing

  • The key drivers in the accounts payable automation trend

  • An overview of global e-invoicing trends and regional regulations

  • The business case for Global AP automation software

  • Answers to e-invoicing adoption concerns

  • How global providers help clients manage compliance

  • Best practices for building a global AP operation

Basware is recognised in this report as one of the top providers of global P2P automation, with compliant e-invoicing support in over 60 countries.