P2P Field Day: A Case Study

Resources demonstrating how Pāmu, New Zealand’s world-class agricultural leader, is leading the way in procure-to-pay

Watch the webinar

PAMU Case Study

Find out how their farmers get all the way from procurement to payment in less than 24 hours!

Imagine it. Your end-users are making compliant purchases on their mobiles in the field (literally), creating POs while they’re in the retail store, and goods receipting products when they arrive on site.

Now imagine that this full visibility of payment terms, invoices, purchase orders and actual purchases helped you pay 7,500 supplier invoices with a value of $21m within 10 working days of the invoice date – in just two months – and sustain your country’s economy in tough times.

It’s not just theory.

Watch the SSON webinar that proves ‘we’re all in it together’, or check out the webinar slides to find out how this was achieved. Then download the full PDF case study story to read how Pāmu actually managed to transform their users from loathing procurement to (mostly) loving it thanks to a combination of their digital-first purchase-to-pay approach, the intelligent software they are using and their outreach and training approach.

You can also watch this video to find out how they were able to understand what they’d actually bought – not just what they’d spent.

And if you’re still keen to find out more about how New Zealand’s world-class agricultural leader Pāmu (Landcorp Farming Limited) managed to turn farmers into compliant purchasers, here’s another webinar about how they managed to go from purchase to payment in under 24 hours!

It may seem like a lot to look at – but they achieved a lot. This extraordinary story is testament to the power of Pāmu’s determination to automate their way to success, and Basware’s software and people that helped them do it.