On-demand webinar featuring KONE: Trends in Global e-Invoicing Compliance

On-demand webinar featuring KONE: Trends in Global e-Invoicing Compliance

Overview of Global Requirements and How e-Invoicing Networks Help Overcome Compliance Challenges

Global organisations are increasingly under scrutiny by local regulations when it comes to e-invoicing. New government mandates that carry strict rules on the handling of electronic business documents have a strong impact on the ways organisations interact with their business partners.

Seen together, these local requirements pose global e-invoice compliance challenges. For instance, some countries follow post-audit models, while an increasing number of countries introduce clearance models.

In this on-demand webinar, Georg Sonner, Global Business Advisor from Basware provides you with an overview of current developments in global e-invoicing compliance, what different compliance models mean to your organisation in practice, and why it is important to consider them in your business planning.

With first-hand experience, Liisa Kurki, Solution Owner Purchase to Pay & Order to Cash from KONE, joins us to give a real-life example of how compliance can be considered in a global e-Invoicing strategy and how KONE took advantage of the global e-Invoicing network from Basware to ease the burden.

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. The difference between the two different compliance models: post-audit vs. clearance model.

  2. How to tackle compliance in your e-Invoicing strategy.

  3. Best practices from KONE of how to approach global compliance strategically and in practice.