INSEAD Webinar – Partnering for Success

Insead Webinar – Partnering for Success

INSEAD, one of the global leaders in higher education, implemented Basware P2P with the help of Fluxym. Their goals: unify the school’s procurement processes, increase spend visibility and bring procurement spend under control. 

INSEAD needed a standardised and automated procurement process across all business school entities. With Basware’s P2P solutions delivered by Fluxym, INSEAD now has end-to-end insight in the procurement and invoicing process. These solutions allow INSEAD to have complete traceability of all actions within their procurement process. 

In this webinar you will discover how Basware helped INSEAD achieve their goals of increasing efficiency and visibility. 

Basware Solutions include: 

  1. Basware P2P 

  1. Basware Analytics 

  1. Basware Marketplace 

  1. Basware e-Invoicing for receiving 

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