Getting Buy-in for Procurement automation

Getting Buy-in for Procurement automation

For organisations tasked with lowering costs, automating back-office processes is a key to success. For example, automating Accounts Payable departments can lower the average total processing cost per invoice from $15 to $2.36. The savings alone is an easy sell. 

When it comes to procurement processes, however, the savings are both hard and soft, making the expected savings not as simple to calculate. Additionally, achieving these savings requires more than simply adding in an eProcurement solution. A company must also strategically align current procurement processes with automation technology in order to achieve the greatest success. 

In this guide to gaining internal buy-in and enthusiasm for software adoption initiatives, you’ll learn:

  • How to measure the cost of manual procurement 

  • The cost savings possible with an eProcurement solution

  • Strategies organisations can use to prepare internal teams for automation