Determining Your Future Tech Strategy

Determining Your Future Tech Strategy

How do you maximise your tech strategy?

Over the last decade, the procurement technology space belonged to the suites. But there are actually very few examples of a successfully deployed global S2P suite for an entire organisation. That's why modern businesses are turning towards an "ecosystem" approach for S2P solutions.

In this webinar, Magnus Bergfors, VP European Research and Lead Analyst, from Spend Matters discusses the future of Procurement technology and the considerations you need to be making to ensure you have the technology in place to succeed. 

Key Takeaways from session

  • A clear explanation on the limitations that a single suite approach brings.

  • How you can establish what the needs are for your organisation and match those to technology.



Magnus Bergfors
VP European Research and Lead Analyst
Spend Matters

Before joining Spend Matters, Magnus worked at Gartner as lead analyst and agenda manager on procurement and strategic sourcing applications. He brings a Europe-centric eye to procurement technology analysis and the challenges affecting the CPO community.