The Roadmap to Procure-to-Pay Transformation

For Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Firms

Biopharma Roadmap to Business Transformation eBook

Biopharma Roadmap to Business Transformation eBook


As an industry under increased pressure to not only demonstrate the value of its products but also meet rising customer expectations, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (biopharma) companies still struggle with optimising productivity and adapting to market changes with respect to customer needs. Now more than ever, customers want transparency into biopharma supply chains, production practices, and more.

Because of this, it comes as no surprise that 63% of executives in the biopharma industry rated R&D a top strategic priority for the next five years.

It’s time for leaders to think strategically about their investments—in terms of digital technologies, and talent—in order to thrive in the future. In this ebook, we cover the short-, mid-, and long-term automation plans needed for biopharma companies to create an automation roadmap for today, tomorrow, and the future.