5 Steps To Reach AP Excellence in 2019

5 Steps To Reach AP Excellence in 2019


What can your AP team do to start 2019 on the right foot?

While AP departments constantly strive to eliminate tactical tasks – exceptions, approvals that are taking too long & paper invoices – they also need to think through their role as a partner in the digitised enterprise of the future. How will AP collaborate with functions like Procurement, Treasury & Finance? How can AP processes be further automated? How will AP become an intelligence hub, unleashing insights around spend and finance?
In 2019 your organisation will need to balance near term process optimisation goals with an embrace of future technologies (AI/machine learning, emerging digital payment platforms). Join Robert Cohen, Research Director at Ardent Partners, and Sami Peltonen for a discussion on steps your organisation can take to become best in class.
Attendees will learn how AP:

  • Collaborates with functions like procurement, treasury, & finance

  • Processes can be further automated

  • Can become an intelligence hub, unleashing insights around spend and finance

Meet Our Speakers

Bob Cohen, Research Director
Ardent Partners 

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Bob Cohen leads Ardent Partners ePayables practice which includes coverage of Accounts Payable, ePayments, Business Networks, and Travel and Expense Management. He has more than fifteen years of experience helping enterprises transform their Source-to-Pay operations. Prior to Ardent, Cohen spent the past 12 years working as Vice President of Marketing at a leading P2P Solutions provider where he helped establish the firm’s U.S. presence as a major player in the AP and P2P automation spaces and helped hundreds of AP and P2P teams achieve Best-in-Class performance via their use of ePayables, P2P, and Business Network solutions. Prior to joining Ardent, Bob worked at American Express where he where he helped the commercial card giant better align its products and services with a continually evolving market.

Sami Peltonen

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Sami Peltonen is Vice President of Purchase-to-Pay Product Management for North America. While he is a new resident of the United States, having recently relocated from the company’s global headquarters in Finland, he is not new to Basware or the industry. Sami Peltonen boasts more than two decades developing and delivering solutions that streamline procurement and finance professionals’ daily lives.