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06 Nov2018

Best of 2018 Blogs: Digital Change in Procurement

Tuesday, 6 Nov 2018

Nancy Jorgensen
Senior Global Business Advisor

Reflecting on 2018? So are we – check out this re-cap of our favorite blogs from this year. 

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01 Nov2018

7 Ways Machine Learning Enhances Purchase to Pay

Thursday, 1 Nov 2018

Pramod Prabhu, Director of R&D

By 2020, Gartner predicts that the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be pervasive.

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30 Oct2018

What are zombie and ghost assets?

Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018

Mike Pierson, Presales Manager
46.8% of respondents to a Bloomberg BNA survey said they spend an average of one week per month on conducting fixed assets accounting – now that’s scary!

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26 Oct2018

The Business Payments Coalition’s Plan for Buyer/Supplier Interoperability

Friday, 26 Oct 2018

Michael Jasper
Director of Network and Financing Services, Americas and APAC

According to a benchmarking report by ProcureCon, 64% of Chief Procurement Officers surveyed said that successful interoperability of supplier per...

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18 Oct2018

How to Rock the Future with Committed Spend Analytics

Thursday, 18 Oct 2018

Kevin Kamau,
P2P Analytics Product Manager,
According to a benchmarking report by ProcureCon, spend analysis is the most popular automated procurement process among their survey respondents, with 2/3...

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16 Oct2018

McDonald’s e-Invoicing: The Secret Sauce Behind AP Success

Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018

When you think about the word McDonald’s, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t e-invoices.

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16 Oct2018

Tokmanni Manages Groceries in Store and on the Cloud with Basware

Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018

What do you do with half a million invoices when it becomes clear that managing them on your own site (on-premise) is no longer sustainable? The cloud isn’t just the answer for e-invoicing and procurement: it allows unprecedented matching and visibility...

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11 Oct2018

How Carlsberg Managed to Send 96% of Their Invoices as E-Invoices and Save 48%

Thursday, 11 Oct 2018

Carlsberg is probably one of the most familiar beer brands in the world, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. What people may not be familiar with, however, is the fact that the Carlsberg Group employs 41,000 people and sends out more than half a million invo...

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09 Oct2018

How B2B Networks Enable Digital Transformation

Tuesday, 9 Oct 2018

Guest Author:
Amy Fong, Associate Principal
The Hackett Group
71% of purchase-to-pay organizations said they expect the digitalization of B2B transactions will have a more transformational impact on the way t...

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03 Oct2018

How a Procurement Marketplace Improves User Satisfaction

Wednesday, 3 Oct 2018

James Mitchener,
Procurement Product Manager

According to a recent benchmarking study done by ProcureCon, 45% of Chief Procurement Officers surveyed said they were very interested in joining a Procurement...

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