Theresa Lacey
 Principal Consultant

As a strategic partner to the UK Government, Basware was excited to see mention of the Government eMarketplace, hosted on the Basware Network, in a recent report published by Reform.  The report, “Cloud 9: the future of public procurement”, offers key recommendations for the future of public procurement – including an expansion of the goods and services currently available through Government eMarketplace, with a view to support integrated payment functionality. We have always believed that easy to use eProcurement tools can deliver considerable savings for the public sector and are excited that Reform’s report endorses expansion of these efforts.

The Reform report highlighted a Basware case study that calculated savings of £2.5 million annually for the Department for Work and Pensions once they began using the Basware Marketplace.  Other Basware customers have achieved similar success in reducing costs of day-to-day purchasing by harnessing the existing integration footprint, connecting the Basware Marketplace to their existing ERP systems or using it as a standalone offering.

Our partnership with Crown Commercial Service ensures that publicly let frameworks like Technology Products and Network Services are available on the Government eMarketplace shortly after contract award. This includes both “shoppable” content on the Marketplace and the ability to run mini-competitions across a framework using Basware’s RFQ tool. 

Working as a strategic partner with Crown Commercial Service we have seen great success on the Government eMarketplace in 2015:

  • Representation from 11 CCS frameworks, including Network Services, Technology Products and the Government Office Supplies Contract
  • Across these frameworks there are 191 unique price lists from 152 suppliers providing a total of 230,000 items to shop from in the Marketplace

All of this content is available on Basware’s Product Manager, a content management tool that gives public sector organisations an easy to use interface for managing multiple goods and services for their organisations.  Product Manager has been built on our years of experience in eProcurement and allows our customers to be in total control of the content provided by their suppliers. The accompanying Basware Marketplace gives public sector buyers a modern and attractive portal for online purchasing.

Basware’s integrated customers benefit from the flexible content sharing within Basware Marketplace and can subscribe to CCS frameworks and contracts, making these goods and services available for their organisations within seconds. Our security accreditation means that we are a trusted partner for organisations wishing to do their business securely on IL2 and IL3 certified networks. 

The Basware Marketplace is just one of many exciting tools that Basware offers to public sector customers looking to achieve cost savings through purchase-to-pay processes. We have also helped public sector organisations transform their accounts payable functions through innovative eInvoicing solutions and provision of ePayments to ensure prompt payment targets are met while operating costs remain low.