Theresa Lacey
Principal Consultant

On behalf of Basware, and as a part of our partnerhip with MasterCard, I attended Procurex South last week.  It is always heartening, after all these years, to still see new ideas coming out of public procurement and this year was no different. Themes included the future of commissioning for the public sector, the need for transparency in procurement relationships and the rising interest in “click and buy” technology for common and repetitive spend.  In fact, there wasn’t any presentation that didn’t call out for the need to have an Amazon-style solution for public sector purchasing.

I was happy to see the topic of “click and buy” technology receive such a strong recommendation as we have nearly a decade of experience implementing this within the public sector. The Basware Marketplace solution has always been at the forefront of delivering a fit-for-purpose Amazon-style Marketplace for public sector organisations. We do this most notably through the Government eMarketplace, but we also deliver our solution across the entire public sector. This has allowed our customers to provide their end users with an easy to use storefront to click and buy content that has been procured in a competitive way and offers considerable savings.  The Basware Marketplace is seamlessly integrated to the customer’s existing P2P or ERP solution to offer a unified experience for the end user. 

Imagine your users beginning their searches of your contracts from here:procurexsouth1.png


Of course, half the battle is getting the shoppers to adopt the technology.  In pursuit of having the best in class “click and buy” solution, we are presently migrating all customers to Product Manager and Marketplace, our “new look” platform that showcases high quality user interfaces for catalogue management and shopping.  Early feedback from end users has been encouraging, with most reporting that their end users have required little or no training on the new products.

Procurement solutions don’t have to be boring and Basware is showing that an eMarketplace that looks similar to other ecommerce sites can make all the difference in user adoption of eMarketplace solutions. Convincing your colleagues to buy from Procurement-led contracts is a lot easier if it looks like websites they already use to buy groceries or clothes!

Example of Item Details on the Basware Marketplace:


We would love to talk to you about whether the Basware Product Manager and Marketplace solutions could help your public sector organisation control your maverick spend and increase the savings you realise through your own contracts or by using those provided by Crown Commercial Service. 

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