Hannu Kilpeläinen
Product Marketing Mananger

With 2016 theme "Driving growth" we invite you to the Basware Connect events to hear inspiring speakers, discover new opportunities for you and your business to think and act differently, and find new ways to lead the way by going beyond operational excellence and accurate reporting to drive business growth.

Basware Connect events have variety of sessions to inspire you to take charge of change:

  • Trend Talks – Inspiring speakers, leading edge insights
  • Customer Connect – Share best practice, learn from your peers
  • Solutions Space – Explore the role of technology in finance & procurement innovation
  • Co-Create – Get involved in think-tanks, book a 1-1 with Basware execs
  • Buyer/Supplier Chat Room – Where buyers and suppliers come face to face
  • Value Vault – Get hands-on in workshops, simulations and gamification
Basware Connect participants can engage with speakers and other participants before, during and after the event by getting a mobile app on App Store or Google Play.
Basware Connect events in 2016 are taking place between October and November around the world in three continents: Charlotte, NC (Oct 5), Netherlands (Oct 13), Belgium (Oct 25), Finland (Oct 27), Germany (Nov 8), Australia (Nov 11) and finally in the UK (Nov 23). Basware Connect events in France, Denmark, Sweden and Norway will be in early 2017. In case you have missed your local event, or local events are not taking places near to you, you are welcome to register to the UK event!
Register now to one of the events near to you at www.baswareconnect.com!

Hannu Kilpeläinen,

Product Marketing Manager