Rowan Lemley
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Well, it’s happened again. While life was quietly passing you by, while work was picking up, while the summer was turning inexorably to fall, it happened again. That’s right, Basware just came up with another awesome solution that WILL make a difference. Did someone say #baswarerocks? – no? Well I said it and I’m not taking it back. So what did we do this time? We launched Basware CloudScan 2.0 – with self-validation. As many or most of you will already be aware, Basware is the leader for all things e-invoicing and this includes an extensive portfolio of solutions and services that support different challenges associated with paper invoice handling.

Let me take a step back and give you a historical perspective. Back in the day, an organization would receive purchase invoices from its suppliers, typically in the form of a paper invoice (to be fair EDI has been around since the 70’s but let’s ignore that for the moment). These invoices would arrive from far and wide. They would arrive to multiple locations and they would be handled by a mail room, physically shifted about, reviewed, approved, stamped, signed and ultimately accounted for. Fast forward a few decades and scan & capture (S&C) has revolutionized the accounts payable invoice handling process. With S&C installed in a mail room, all invoices are centrally made electronic at the front end and then processed via a system (ERP or some other invoice handling system like Basware). But as good as S&C is (and it’s pretty good), it has at its root, a flaw in that the data extract (the capture) is based on an image – and this is true of paper invoice scanning AND pdf images which S&C can also handle. Obviously (obvious I hope at this late date in 2015) e-invoicing is the answer to the S&C challenge but sadly e-invoicing isn’t always the answer to the paper challenge.

The main issue with paper (trust me, I’ll bring this back to our CloudScan) is that it is stubborn and refuses to quietly die. Despite a multitude of options available to organizations of all sizes for sending e-invoices, paper invoices are still sent, received and processed. At Basware we are able to offer 100% e-invoices. We do it by connecting the customer organization to the Basware Network and then delivering all purchase invoices to the customer via this one connection. Suppliers have different methods for sending e-invoices including buyer sponsored solutions like a portal, emailed pdf and integrated solutions like EDI, XML, virtual printers and still, paper invoices must be considered. Basware also offers a scan & capture service globally where we intercept all paper invoices for thousands of companies, scan them, capture and validate the data and then pass back the invoice as an e-invoice to the customer organization (alongside the other e-invoices received from more progressive suppliers). Cloudscan? – I haven’t forgotten, but before getting to Basware CloudScan 2.0, let me place CloudScan 1.0 into its rightful context. Despite all our efforts and those solutions listed above, our customer’s find that paper invoices find their way through the cracks and arrive at various locations through various channels (email, mail, hand delivered, etc.). Getting these few invoices into the process is what Basware CloudScan was designed for.

Basware CloudScan is a super light and easy S&C tool, virtually free in comparison to the Kofaxs and Readsofts of the world and it does just what you need it to do – it works with any scanner, gives the user an opportunity to view and clean up the images prior to sending them to the Basware Scan & Capture service for the heavy lifting of capture and validation. In this role our CloudScan has been great – but (finally Basware CloudScan 2.0) there is always room to improve, and so we did. While CloudScan 1.0 dovetailed perfectly into the global S&C service, some of our customers told us of rare (but not so rare) situations which required immediate handling of the invoice. You see, the Basware S&C service takes about a day to turn an invoice around and get it back to the customer (that’s actually very fast), and yet, sometimes that’s too long. Month end or a Friday or a situation where an invoice got forgotten in someone’s inbox and is now almost past due date – these are all examples of where a cloud-based S&C solution with self-validation would be great and this (after such a long explanation) is why we are really happy to launch the new generation of Basware CloudScan with self-validation.

If you’ve read this far you deserve something – contact Basware today and find out what deals we’ve got going on in 2015 for Basware CloudScan. If you are a current Basware customer with an in-house S&C solution, I’m sure this is interesting for you.