Stephen Carter
Head of UK E-invoicing Centre of Excellence

Why bother, isn’t PDF email good enough?

Quite simply no, PDF requires processing to extract the commercial information. This can result in the content being read incorrectly or worst not being read at all. At the same time PDF’s sent via email get lost and are like paper, as fraud risk to both parties. The objective of eCommerce is to remove touch-points within a process, making it faster and cheaper to do business. PDF just doesn’t offer all the benefits of eCommerce. After all PDF is just a Portable Document Format to make Paper transportable.

However, by sharing orders and invoices digitally via OpenPEPPOL, companies can create strong supply chains and even stronger partnerships – without the overhead of PDF or paper. Digital thinking can redefine the supply chain without rebuilding core processes.

Why redefine the Supply Chain?

PDF & Paper thinking: Multiple items on the order, multiple orders and items on the invoice all to save paper. The result is mismatched items, unfulfilled orders, payment delays and complex reconciliation at both ends.

Digital thinking: One order with one item, one invoice with one item to create one payment. The result is real-time, touchless transactions, prompt payment and management by exception. Like instant messaging, the cost is far lower than the human time needed to read one order.

Digital thinking opens the door to new ways to pay, offer discounts and optimise working capital. Whilst unlocking costs and the cash held within the invoice paper chase.

It couldn’t be easier to connect with Basware

Basware provides both Suppliers and Buyers an access point into the world of OpenPEPPOL.

In: Basware can take common formats (even Paper or PDF’s) and turn these into digital transactions that are compliant with OpenPEPPOL or the upcoming CEN PC/434 standards.

Out: Basware can convert incoming digital transactions into common finance formats, XML files or even PDFs. Whilst the whole process is visible and audited within the Basware Portal.

OpenPEPPOL offers the framework, standards and access points needed to unlock the European Digital marketplace. Basware makes it simple, that’s why we have over 2000 organisations already connected via OpenPEPPOL.

Think PEPPOL, Think Basware.