Webinar: Supplier Spend

Webinar: Supplier Spend

Our customers asked, so Basware answered. In this webinar, we discuss a feature in Basware Analytics that came from customer necessity and request, "Supplier Spend Dashboard." And like with every Basware innovation, we aim to answer a key business objective. When creating the Supplier Spend Dashboard, our objective was to help customers answer how compliant their organisation's spending behaviour is in relation to their supplier base.

In this webinar, product specialists will walk you through the Supplier Spend Dashboard and discuss how you can view:

  • A top level overview of realised spend

  • A breakdown of your controlled vs. uncontrolled spend

  • Your total running and accumulated spend over time

  • Top suppliers, and more.

Learn more and watch the webinar "How to Maximise Value from your Supplier Spend Data" now.