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Basware e-Invoice: Receiving 100% Invoices Electronically

Basware e-Invoice: Receiving 100% Invoices Electronically

If you’ve heard of e-invoicing, then it’s likely you’ve heard of its benefits, too. An e-invoice, plain and simple, is an invoice sent electronically. They increase visibility and control over cashflow and can cut administrative costs tremendously. Not to mention, e-invoicing can lead to reduced errors and a smaller carbon footprint.

Choosing Basware as your e-invoicing solution gives your organisation the ability to:

  • Send 100% electronic invoices from day 1 of implementation

  • Receive all e-invoices directly into your invoice processing system

  • Compliantly and electronically archive all e-invoices

Learn how Basware e-invoicing features such as Basware Cloudscan, Basware Scan & Capture, and access to the Basware Network—the largest open business network in the world—can quickly help your company realize the benefits of world-class e-invoicing practices.

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