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ADT & Tyco Case Study

ADT and Tyco implemented Basware’s invoice automation solution to help them centralize the processing of invoices in their shared services center (SSC) based in Manchester, England. This improved visibility, helped them cut costs and improve staff productivity.

Thanks to Basware, ADT Fire and Security PLC and Tyco Fire and Integrated Solutions, were able to integrate their AP solution seamlessly into their disparate ERP environment and save significant costs.

How significant? They realised a £400,000 direct cost saving – all without changing staffing levels! Thanks to the system, they have greater visibility. As a result, non-authorised spend is visibly lower, productivity is on the rise, the number of inquiries received by the AP team has reduced, and they are able to deal more efficiently with regulatory compliance and audit procedures. They can now process four times as many invoices – around 40,000 invoices for each accounts payable employee, up from about 10,000 – and have been able to reduce invoice cycle times by 75% – down from four weeks to five days.

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • How Basware is flexible enough to accommodate any future to changes to processes across their international operations and

  • How Basware is helping ADT and Tyco with e-invoicing and automatic order matching.