Metso Outotec

Automated e-invoicing leads to global transformation

  • Industry:
    • Construction, Transport & Logistics
  • Regions:
    • Nordics
  • Solutions:
    • E-Invoice Receiving
    • E-Invoice Sending
    • Procure-to-Pay

Errorsome and time-sapping in equal amounts, Metso decided it was time to replace their paper-based system with a centralized online alternative.

To do this, they needed a tool that would give them more consistency and control over invoice handling.

Their first step involved setting up a single shared service centre (SSC) in order to centralize the process. This proved to be a massive success and after establishing two more, they now process around 1 million invoices per year across the three.

Alongside cost-savings and significantly reduced processing times, we’ve been able to steer our business towards more goal-oriented purchasingSoile Hiekkasalmi-Linna, Development Manager, Metso.

The delivery of e-invoices accelerated and enhanced the process even further. Metso uses their purchase-to-pay process to support a dynamic global business. The new system fully integrates with its multiple ERP systems, allowing them to streamline P2P and have full visibility and control while avoiding the issues associated with the old way of doing things.

Hiekkasalmi-Linna notes that this is just the beginning: Metso will continue to work with Basware on a number of upcoming initiatives designed to optimize their AP and AR processes.

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