Invoice Receiving

Get rid of the hassle of paper invoice processing

Paper Invoice Receiving

Even if your suppliers use paper, you don't have to. ​​​​​​​

Smarter Solutions to Avoid Paper Invoice Receiving
Fewer manual paper handling steps

Fewer manual paper handling steps

Increase the efficiency of processing those paper invoices.

Freed up working capital

Freed up working capital


Discover how far we can help you to drive down the costs of your paper processing.

Increased agility

Increased agility


Speed up the processing of paper with our outsourced scanning service.

Moving from paper invoicing saves SITA 70% on AP personnel costs

Starting by setting up a Shared Service Center with automated invoice processing, SITA is aiming to move to 100% e-Invoicing having seen the early-stage benefits from ditching paper invoicing.

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Paper Invoice Receiving solutions: the starting point for automation

As you begin the journey towards automating your invoice processes, we can help you along the way. Choose between these two solutions:

Scan and Capture

Outsource the complete process of scanning, automatic data capture and invoice validation to us.

More about Scan and Capture
Scan and Capture Invoices


Scan the invoices you receive. Let us do the automatic data capture and then validate the data yourself or let us do it for you.

More about CloudScan
Inside stories: Paper Invoice Receiving

Offering suppliers choice doubles uptake of efficient e-Invoicing

View Renewi case study

View case study

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