On-demand webinar featuring Forrester and Sanoma: Power your Source-to-Pay with insightful and predictive analytics

Access 100% spend and process analytics to simplify and strengthen your Procurement and Shared Services functions.

Power your Source-to-Pay with insightful and predictive analytics

Analytics webinar


If you’re ready to take the next step in achieving source-to-pay (S2P) excellence by using your data to gain a competitive advantage, it’s time to consider how your organization embraces automation. In this on-demand webinar, Rocco Emmaneel, Head of Continuous Development and Analytics at Sanoma, and Duncan Jones, Vice President, Principal Analyst from Forrester share how aggregating all your spend data empowers your organization to decrease risks, increase profits, and pinpoint areas where your business could improve. 

Watch the on-demand webinar for answers to questions like:

  • How have ERPs failed us and why should businesses instead consider application platforms?

  • How will analytics improve efficiencies and create a better workplace?

  • How can you quickly and easily identify spend irregularities using the new world of intelligent applications?

  • Why should you shift from drilling down to alerting up with your data?

  • How can you use detailed reporting to identify root cause analyses?

  • How can you empower your business through robust data analytics?


Rocco Emmaneel is Head of Analytics and Continuous Development at Sanoma. In this role he drives the sourcing intelligence and analytics strategy, but also the execution of strategies, business processes and identified KPI’s that streamline supply base. With his combined Lean/Six Sigma and Financial background he oversees the full scope and requirements of new and existing initiatives, ensuring the realization of long-term goals, but also booking short term results. Managing the change within Sanoma from compliance reporting to continuous improvement is one of the key tasks that Rocco Emmaneel is currently working on.​

Duncan Jones is the Vice President and Principal Analyst serving Sourcing and Vendor Management professionals at Forrester. Duncan contributes to Forrester's offerings for Sourcing & Vendor Management Professionals and for Application Development and Delivery Professionals. Because of his past experiences at QAD, an international provider of enterprise solutions for manufacturing companies, and in various product management and product marketing roles, Duncan is also a leading expert on ePurchasing applications and supplier risk and performance management (SRPM). He is a leading expert on business application strategies and how to get the most from strategic software partners, including packaged applications, SaaS, and custom development.

Learn how you can become strategic through advanced analytics and watch the on-demand webinar.