Basware launches CloudScan – the easiest way to turn paper invoices into e-invoices

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Basware launches CloudScan – the easiest way to turn paper invoices into e-invoices

Self-validation allows customers to validate their invoices themselves

Espoo, Finland, 22 September 2015 Basware, the global leader in purchase-to-pay (P2P) and e-invoicing solutions, is launching Basware CloudScan with self-validation. Basware CloudScan is a light and easy to use scanning solution which enables Basware customers to scan & capture paper or pdf invoices.

CloudScan is a great way to get started with e-invoicing for all organizations who continue to receive paper or pdf invoices decentrally. While the goal for Basware customers will be to receive 100% of their invoices as e-invoices, it can sometimes be challenging to completely remove paper invoices from the mix and this is where Basware CloudScan becomes indispensable.

Low set up costs, transactional pricing and a high degree of usability all combine to ensure customers can easily turn their paper invoices to e-invoices. The new capability of self-validation allows customers to do the extract and validation themselves or alternatively, continue to send the invoices to the global Basware Scan & Capture Service as they have in the past. Either way, e-invoices will result and AP processes will improve.

Basware CloudScan alone works in all markets but the self-validation utilizes free-form recognition which requires country specific training to support different languages and markets. Current support for self-validation includes Nordic and European markets with more countries added over time.

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