Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Espoo, Finland, 14.11.2018 – Basware (Nasdaq: BAS1V), the global leader in networked source-to-pay solutions, e-invoicing and innovative financing services, introduced a new and easy way for suppliers to receive e-orders directly to their order processing system. Basware PDF e-Order service captures and extracts information from any machine-readable PDF which leads to better data accuracy and faster order processing.

“Suppliers still receive a lot of orders from their customers in different formats - email, fax or phone which then have to be manually entered and processed in their order system. With our new service we remove this burden from the suppliers”, explains Martin Lux, Senior Product Manager for Basware. The service is easy and scalable and does not require changes from any side. A supplier invites their customers to send purchase orders as PDF to a dedicated email address and Basware handles the rest – converts and delivers orders in an electronic and structured format directly to the supplier’s order processing system.

In addition to faster and efficient ways of delivering e-orders, this service provides more accurate purchase order data. The quality of the data is supported with AI and machine learning technology for extracting the data from PDF without the need for optical character recognition (OCR). This results in fewer errors and better order quality.

This service also enables better collaboration between suppliers and buyers. “We are happy to provide our customers with an easy and free service to send us purchase orders. It is great for us as well as we receive orders faster, in a right format and directly to our system to be processed”, says Günther Gfrerrer, Head of Supply Chain Management for Wienerberger, the Basware customer.

The Basware PDF e-Order service has several key benefits:

  •  Suppliers maximize efficiency and decrease costs by getting rid of manual processes and gaining better order data and accuracy
  • Fast and accurate processing minimises suppliers’ DSO (Days Sales Outstanding). With faster PO processing and e-invoicing you speed your customer’s ability to pay faster
  • Suppliers provide their customers with easy, quick and free of charge service to send purchase orders
  • Suppliers gain visibility over received orders with Basware Portal.

“After receiving e-orders, suppliers can send invoices electronically with Basware e-Invoice Sending service and archive with the Basware electronic archiving service Vault. This all take automation even further”, adds Lux.