Basware’s mobile user experience simplifies Travel and Expense Management

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Basware’s mobile user experience simplifies Travel and Expense Management

Mobile scanning, saving and submission of expense claims simplifies expenses for employees and boosts cashflow for business.

ESPOO, Finland, 23rd June, 2015 – Basware, the leading provider of e-invoicing and purchase-to-pay solutions, today launched a new user experience for mobile and tablet users managing claims through the Travel and Expense Management (TEM) solution. The user experience will make the process of submitting, approving and paying expenses quicker and easier, with financial benefits to employees and businesses.

Customers can now more easily capture receipts digitally, approve plans and claims and create expense claims, all from their mobile devices. This makes it significantly easier for them to log travel and expense claims at their preferred time, even already during travelling, which saves valuable working time. The new user experience makes it easier for employees to get reimbursed more quickly. It also enables businesses to speed up the approval of travel plans to take advantage of early pricing benefits.

Ilari Nurmi, SVP Products and Services at Basware, commented: “Cloud and mobile are two of the mega-trends that are changing the way that everyone does business – but they only get take-up on a wide scale once they are user-friendly for the masses. Our updated user experience lets us embrace those trends, to give employees a faster, friendlier and more flexible solution for claiming expenses. This also helps companies to improve their cashflows and boost profitability. Making the submission process easy and user-friendly for the employee is important, but we’re also bringing our e-invoicing and payments expertise to this process to benefit businesses further.”

The Basware Alusta platform enables a complete cloud process for invoicing and purchase-to-pay, which includes the processing of expense claims. The cashflow benefits of doing this are significant, but there are additional financial benefits that can be achieved.

Ilari Nurmi concluded: “We’re adding more financial benefits on top that, in terms of both operational and capital costs. The price reduction in travel costs by approving and booking early is another important monetary benefit. We’re giving businesses multiple ways in which they can save money through our new user experience on TEM.”

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