Building Better Cash and Working Capital Management on Purchase-to-Pay Data

The right working capital optimization and payment strategies can improve your bottom line and working capital position.


Better cash and working capital management

Who can benefit from working capital optimization?

Every company in your value chain can use a combination of cloud-based financing services to manage cash flow more efficiently and improve business margins.

How do Basware financing services build on your existing payment strategies?

Treasurers can use flexible financing services to complete their existing payables financing and address 100% of spend, unlocking cash for investments and growth while maximizing capital efficiency and shareholder value – aligned with the CFO’s strategy.

How can treasury take working capital optimization to the next level?

Closer collaboration with procurement and accounts payable helps treasurers understand underlying business dynamics and give accurate guidance to their CFOs about supplier contract and payment strategies.

Read our new whitepaper to learn how treasury can own the working capital agenda:

  • Get 100% spend visibility to better forecast cash flow and get a higher return on spend
  • Support strategic procurement & facilitatecollaboration
  • Increase the ROI of procure-to-pay automation solutions
  • Reduce exposure to fraud
  • Reduce financial strain on the supply chain with the right solutions

Drive financial benefits from working capital with Basware.

Drive financial benefits from working capital with Basware