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13 Apr2017

Historical and future trends in AP

Thursday, 13 Apr 2017

To understand where AP is headed, it’s worth a backwards glance to remind ourselves where we’ve come from. Jimmy LeFever, Research Director at PayStream Advisors, gave an inspiring presentation at last year’s UK Basware Connect event in that...

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07 Apr2017

Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning – the New Outsourcing

Friday, 7 Apr 2017

Forward-thinking companies are partnering with the right AP automation solution provider who has experience in combining the capabilities of solution, automation, RPA and quality. If you want RPA and machine learning, partner with a provider that is committed...

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07 Apr2017

Preparing for Payment Practice and Performance Reporting

Friday, 7 Apr 2017

Why is prompt payment a priority in 2017?

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They represent over 99% of the five and a half million private sector businesses that make up UK plc, so they’re crucial to drivin...

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15 Mar2017

Innovation: Marginal Gains vs The Big Idea

Wednesday, 15 Mar 2017

Nowadays, every business is talking about innovation as a means of competitive differentiation or disruption. But just how realistic is it to strive for continuous evolution, or even revolution? In his session at Basware Connect UK 2016, the Undercover Economi...

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13 Mar2017

Drowning in Data?

Monday, 13 Mar 2017

Analytics can save your life. Possibly a slight exaggeration, but when you’ve got Analytics like ours in place and you think back to the manual reporting you did previously, it really can feel like a life saver.

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03 Jun2016

The life of a CFO

Friday, 3 Jun 2016

Could you do better?

A CFO? Congrats, you are done.

According to research (and as we know, that's like a gospel) about “73% of CFOs see their role as a destination in its own right and only 10% harbor an ambition to be t...

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13 Nov2015

Preparing for Basware Connect UK - Rich Lanza

Friday, 13 Nov 2015

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17 Jun2015

As the NHS moves towards true e-invoicing, what does this mean for you?

Wednesday, 17 Jun 2015

Being a supplier to the National Health Service can be painful – things take time, from contracts to payment. But once in, however, the NHS can be a customer for life. The good news is that some of the pain is set to go away in the near future as the UK...

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08 Jun2015

The road to better UK Public Procurement (Part 2)

Monday, 8 Jun 2015

In our first blog we looked at the wider implementation of e-invoicing within the public sector. We asked Andrew Jesse (AJ), VP of Basware, and Stephen Carter (SC), Head of UK e-invoicing Centre of Excellence for Basware, about the barriers and opportunities t...

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03 Jun2015

New government promises payment improvement, but road ahead is long

Wednesday, 3 Jun 2015

With the first outright Tory government for almost two decades, the UK voted in favour of an overall majority opposed to what the polls may have predicted.  But what will the new government mean for small business, and the late payment crisis that SMEs ar...

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