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08 Apr2019

How is It Possible We are Still Here? A Look at the Procurement Landscape

Monday, 8 Apr 2019

Eric Wilson
Senior Vice President, North America

When it comes to your procurement process, do you know what’s happening at every step? Or are there aspects of the process t...

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22 Mar2019

How e-Invoicing Affects More Than “Just” Invoicing

Friday, 22 Mar 2019

According to the 2018 State of Accounts Payable Report, 26% of surveyed organizations claimed they processed too many paper documents. 25% complained their organization was facing too much manual data entry. But with electronic invoicing, these numbers can be...

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15 Mar2019

7 Half-Truths Purchase-to-Pay Providers Are Telling You

Friday, 15 Mar 2019

Jeff Meredith,
Senior Analyst Relations Manager

7 Half-truths in purchase to pay busted. 

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11 Mar2019

No More Excuses: Why Doing Nothing is Not an Option When it Comes to Digital Transformation

Monday, 11 Mar 2019

Eric Wilson
Senior Vice President and General Manager, North America

According to a Deloitte survey, 33% of procurement leaders believe that their digital procurement strategy will give them the opportunity...

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01 Mar2019

The Alignment Gap Between Procurement Professionals and Buyers

Friday, 1 Mar 2019

Nancy Jorgensen,
Senior Global Business Advisor

Depending on whether you’re a procurement professional or a buyer, chances are high that you see the procurement process quite differently. At least tha...

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28 Feb2019

Heineken Automates Invoice Processing with Basware

Thursday, 28 Feb 2019

Heineken Nederland needed a solution that could integrate with five different ERPs, so they came to Basware to help them handle the 430,000 purchase invoices they receive each year.

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09 Jan2019

It’s Not Magic; It’s the Largest Open B2B Network in the World

Wednesday, 9 Jan 2019

Michael Jasper
Director of Business Development & Alliance

Basware earns accolades for being a pioneer in the open business-to-business (B2B) network approach and offering one of the most extensive, glo...

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30 Nov2018

Deadline Nears for Italy’s Mandatory e-Invoicing: European Businesses Prep for the Clearance Trend

Friday, 30 Nov 2018

Henri Liuska, Senior Compliance Manager

About 1 year ago, Italy surprised local businesses and the European Union by introducing a plan to fight tax fraud by making business-to-business e-invoicing mandatory in It...

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13 Nov2018

Save Time (and Trees) with SmartPDF

Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018

Michael Jasper, Director of Business Development & Alliance
70% of invoices received by e-mail can be processed as readable PDFs and converted to true e-invoices

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06 Nov2018

It’s Not Magic; It’s a Perfect Fit – How Basware Ensures Your P2P Deployment Leaves Nothing Behind

Tuesday, 6 Nov 2018

Andrew Dos Santos,
Global Business Consulting Practice Lead
Operations and Development Manager, Advisory Services

Basware tied for first in “Ease of Deployment” according to Gartner&rsquo...

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