It's every purchasing team’s worst nightmare, you spend hours working on an order request in your e-procurement solution, making sure you have all the correct GL coding and split information only to have it... DECLINED.

You quickly look back at the order request and spot your mistake and want to fix it right away. You then realize it is going to take you hours to go back through and recreate the order.
Fear not! A little known secret is that you can copy those items from the declined order back into your shopping cart in the e-procurement solution in just a matter of minutes.

From the Order Request List Screen, press "View Requests."


Once you are viewing the declined order request, scroll down the screen until you see the button "Add Items to Shopping Cart" and “Keep Requisition Price and Vendor”.


In a matter of minutes, you have all your work back. Just make the change you need and process that order request right back into approval within the e-procurement solution.
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