Lauri Palokangas
Product Marketing Manager

The customers using Basware Purchase-to-Pay have learned what it means to be on the leading edge in process automation. They have experienced themselves how social, mobile and smart analytics technologies in the cloud can help create Purchase-to-Pay processes that are simple, quick and cost-effective.

Mobility drives user experience design, financial agility drives the business case

Corporate users and leaders are constantly on the move, but not all their business applications are as mobile. The rapid adoption of the mobile devices in the workplace has changed the approach toward design and User Experience. Users expect optimal, fluid user experience irrespective of whether they use a desktop laptop, smartphone or tablet. In addition, companies have no time to waste. Businesses consider fluid processes, information availability, and quick decisions critical to their financial agility.


In the interest of financial agility, businesses look for ways to speed up decisions, resulting in increased cost savings and profit opportunities that might otherwise be missed. Users, on the other hand look to turn their slack time into productive moments, and find a way to liberate themselves from their desks.
Basware launched the first mobile client in 2007. This was, in fact, the first mobile application in the world to deliver complete remote control over the financial value chain.
As part of the theme of mobility, Basware has completely redesigned the user experience, focusing on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. This new user experience works on any modern browser, has been certified for iOS, Android and Windows. It uses true web technologies, and requires no installation on end devices.



Necessity is the basis of the simple user experience

Everything we design is based on the user experience. First, we have to have a clear understanding of the users’ needs, wants, expectations and abilities. Based on that understanding, we create solutions to meet and exceed them.
We always ask one simple question - why is this necessary? With that answered, we can build a useful, usable and valuable product for the end user. For the new user experience, this meant developing a highly responsive design which works wherever you are. It needed to meet the needs of Accounts Payable and Procurement employees who use it all day, casual users who just need to buy a product or service, and line managers who need to stay on top of things.

Consumerization of IT defines the timing of change

Even in the short span of time since 2007 the world has changed. We all act and behave the same way by nature due to a set of mental abilities and cognitive processes that we have. That has always been a part of UX design.



There are continuously new ways to interact with software, products and services, and our expectation levels for absolutely everything we use have never been higher. This simple and intuitive user experiences from the consumer world, the general consumerization of IT and the massive increase in mobile workers and ‘corridor warriors’ means the world of work has and continues to change.

Basware's mobile user experiences offer an improved way to work. Watch this video to hear more: