Grow ROI this Spring with Basware Maturity Services

Thursday, March 14, 2019

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Grow ROI this Spring with Basware Maturity Services

Once you’ve implemented your shiny and new purchase-to-pay solution, it’s time for your next set of objectives: improving productivity and performance while making sure your organization leverage its source-to-pay (S2P) investments in the most efficient way.

You’ve got the automated source-to-pay solution. That in and of itself is worth a round of applause. You’re already well on your way to saving on costs, improving your efficiencies, and focusing your man-power on more strategic business objectives. You’ve been realizing ROI, decreasing your carbon footprint, and generally streamlining your operations. But, as you’ve been performing business as usual, you may have formulated a few questions like:

  1. What knowledge gaps exist?

  2. How does my organization stack up against the standard?

  3. Where can we improve and what are our next steps?

And since these answers are not immediately apparent and Basware isn’t the type of solution provider that just sets you up with software and leaves you to struggle with these big questions on your own   we offer supportive options through Basware Maturity Services.

 All about progress

Depending on the level of depth and analysis you’re looking for, Basware offers two options when it comes to Maturity Services. Both the Maturity Lab and the 360° Evaluation use a constantly evolving maturity assessment tool to determine your organization’s maturity across 7 areas and create a detailed report for each specific business area based on this Through coaching and regular monitoring, we’ll help you develop a plan to improve. At the end of the day, the heart of Maturity Services lies in providing your company with a clear way to develop your S2P performance. Here are the two ways we do that.

1. Maturity Lab

Think of Maturity Lab as a science lab. First, key stakeholders fill out an online maturity assessment. Then our “scientists” at Basware dig into how your organization functions on a day-to-day basis and take note of recurring trends in your operations. From this information, they determine how mature your organization is and build a report specific to your company.

After the results are gathered and presented, you’ll take part in what we call a “maturity workshop.” With your dedicated Basware specialists, you’ll dig into areas that need improvement, where you’re succeeding, and make a plan of action. This plan is based on your desired business outcomes and steps are prioritized areas that will impact your desired results the most.

2. 360° Evaluation

If you want to explore deeper, join a helicopter tour of your maturity. You’ll be able to see your company from all sides and perspectives as the 360° Evaluation goes deeper and reveals more detailed insights than the Maturity Lab. Using the results from the online maturity assessment as only a starting point, you’ll also gain insights to all the Maturity Lab offers, but also gain additional information on:

  • Stakeholder and business partner perceptions, feedback and engagement levels,

  • Analytics insights straight from your system,

  • Observations made by our Basware specialists,

  • 360° SWOT analysis to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and to help you identify your opportunities and potential threats. 

  • Potential initiatives to pursue across the technology, people, process and policy spectrum, and

  • Maturity action plans fit for your business.

Continuous coaching…continuous improvement

Basware’s work isn’t over after you’ve completed your Maturity Lab or 360° Evaluation. We follow up and can offer regular coaching sessions so you can tackle any additional questions or opportunities that may arise as you follow your maturity action plan. And through our extensive network of customers and external experts, you’ll be connected to others who have experience assisting companies like yours and to other organizations in similar situations. So, why wouldn’t you want this as a part of your Basware experience?

Ready to learn more?

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