Hannu Kilpelainen
Product Marketing Manager

Few cost center managers have real-time visibility into their function's spend to support their decision making. Too often the business managers who approve purchases are the last ones to be served by inflexible corporate business intelligence (BI) reporting initiatives. Also, financial and procurement leaders struggle because standard reports are not always available to support fast decision making.

Have you empowered everyone to manage their function's spend?

Lack of visibility into spend is no longer an excuse for making poor financial decisions. Basware Purchase to Pay with Analytics enables everyone to track their function’s spend, control expense patterns, and proactively manage budgets. Analytics can be accessed from mobile devices - like iPads or other tablets - so everyone can make fact-based decision on the go. Everyone can be more self-reliant in their decision making resulting in better, more informed and fact-based financial decisions every day and wherever they are - without excuses. In addition, making spend visible to each business manager fosters a culture of fact-based decision making and increased accountability which will ultimately improve the company's financial performance.

How many people does it take to build a new report? Just one: you!

Things usually get complicated when you need visibility into data that is not included in existing reports. Everybody knows the shortcomings of legacy business intelligence (BI) and other ERP-centric reporting solutions. In the new era of financially agility, you shouldn't need to start looking for a person with a high enough rank to add a request to the endless queue for engineers to design a new report with complex database queries. Clearly, legacy BI solutions were not designed to serve everyone in the organization, and they were definitely not designed for self-reliance.

Basware's approach to analytics is very different. It centers around empowering everyone with actionable insights. We enable financial agility using Tableau's market-leading  interactive data visualization technologies. These are available out-of-the-box with Basware Purchase-to-Pay. You don't need a team of engineers to add report. Simply click the "edit" button on any dashboard to design a new ad-hoc reports in minutes. Drag & drop the information you want see on the report, pick a color theme, choose the best way to present the information, and share the new report with colleagues in seconds. That's true self-reliance in financial decision making!

Agility with cloud-based purchase to pay analytics

As both finance and IT functions adapt to the new demands placed upon them, greater flexibility is definitely needed. Cloud makes it so much easier to augment your existing ERP or BI investments to quickly reach new levels of spend visibility and financial agility. Cloud also allows you to quickly tap into new opportunities by leveraging big data and real-time insights from transactions, systems and processes.

Basware Purchase-to-Pay and Analytics solutions deliver faster value out-of-the-box thanks to built-in industry best-practices and straightforward integration into existing ERPs (SAP, Oracle etc.) . A strong analytics solution enables everyone to make better financial decisions more quickly and with better data. Basware Analytics comes with out-of-the-box dashboards for spend, suppliers, procurement, accounts payable and financial KPIs. These dashboards were designed by Basware's purchase-to-pay experts based on over 30 years of industry experience. That's how Basware delivers financial agility and enables you to manage spend across the organization, identify new opportunities more quickly, and fuel growth faster than ever before!

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