Simon Butterfield
Senior Account Director

The solution appears simple, switching to PDF via email saves you one or two days – right? Unfortunately not, for your customers, processing a normal PDF takes longer and hits the same barrier to payment. At the same time your larger customers are become smarter, they are asking for your invoice via Portals or true electronic invoices rather than paper or PDF.  The result is stretching you Credit Control team and impacting DSO. And now, with the UK Public Sector moving towards e-invoicing, the smart suppliers are switching to e-invoicing.

Smart suppliers like Heineken, are meeting customer demand by moving to true e-Invoicing via the Basware Network. As a result they are:

  • Removing the barriers to getting paid on time
  • Strengthening their key customer relationship
  • Reaching 100% of customers with one solution

With Basware Invoicing, Heineken is targeting its customers and now deliver the right invoice, in the right format, in near real time. By turning their invoice into a sales tool, Heineken’s finance team are now a key part of the sales process and driving down DSO. 

Importantly, with IT resources stretched, switching to e-Invoicing doesn’t require a complex IT project. With Basware it can be as easy as sending a PDF email today. We do the work for you. Our smart invoicing service provides:

  • Web Portal with Credit Control interaction for your smaller customers
  • Direct connections to your key customers’ Account Payables
  • Traditional PDF email delivery but now with visibility of receipt

Now, you can remove all the barriers to payment. Like Heineken, you can focus on managing your day’s sales outstanding. With the Basware Network, e-invoicing couldn’t be easier or smarter. Now that’s refreshing. 

If you’d like to know more about smarter invoicing click here, or drop me an email