Rowan Lemley
Senior Product Marketing Manager

2016 is already shaping up to be a really exciting year. Oh, sure, you’ve got the US presidential race which is a better show than some years but what I’m talking about is something much nearer and dearer – and admittedly, less bombastic than Trump but with more clarity than Hilary Clinton’s servergate issues. What I’m talking about is a series of monthly webinars that will run through all of 2016 – actually, we kicked them off in December of 2015 we were too excited.

New webinar series: e-Invoicing Leadership – the Expert Sessions

We’ve kicked off a new webinar series around e-invoicing. The sessions are designed to be more of a panel discussion than PowerPoint presentation. Each month we cover off something current, relevant and possibly super important to your business processes. All webinars are live with questions coming in during the hour to be answered by our experts and although we only have the one session under our belt (December), the feedback has been very good.

Check out what topics we have coming up & register for the sessions here »

Government e-invoicing regulations: how to comply with the new government mandates.

In the December session, I talked with two of Basware’s e-invoicing experts: Sami Nikula & Henri Liuska. We discussed some really good examples of how complex compliance can be when e-invoicing to different countries. We also shared some good advice for how much you need to worry about this complexity – it turns out not much (for the full explanation, listen to the recording).

We discussed PEPPOL, what it is, who should care, and what they need to do about it. We talked about e-invoicing mandates in the Americas compared to those in Europe. We also covered the role of B2B networks in supporting your efforts to go paperless.

If you find these topics interesting, watch the webinar recording: how to comply with government regulations »

Okay, I’m a bit slow with my blogging but the holidays, etc, etc but it means you don’t have to wait long for the next event. Check out the January Expert Session which is this week and register to join us. I’m pretty sure there is a lot you can learn as we go through 2016. I hope to give you a forward 3 month’s visibility to the series topics so you can look forward to the future sessions as the year progresses. Check them out, register and I’ll see you online.

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