Heineken Automates Invoice Processing with Basware

Thursday, February 28, 2019

5 minute read

Heineken Automates Invoice Processing with Basware

Heineken Nederland needed a solution that could integrate with five different ERPs, so they came to Basware to help them handle the 430,000 purchase invoices they receive each year.


After amalgamating their 25 business and sales units across the country in one Shared Service Centre (SSC), Heineken Nederland knew they needed an end-to-end automated invoice processing solution that could help them deal with everything from scanning invoices to order matching and archiving.

Integrating Multiple ERP Systems to Improve Invoice Processing Speed and Accuracy

Heineken Nederland chose Basware’s invoice automation solution to help them easily integrate with multiple ERP systems and improve the accuracy and speed of invoice processing. Thanks to Basware’s invoice matching facility, their accounts payable (AP) department improved the speed of invoice processing and streamlined their workflow.

“The Basware solution has greatly improved the accuracy and speed of our AP process. Today we are achieving automated matching rates of up to 97% on electronic invoices.” – Ed Prins, Financial Services Manager at Heineken

E-invoicing and Time Saving

The system was successfully rolled out across the SSC in just nine months, from first proof of concept to going live, and more than half of the invoices are already in e-invoice format. They expect this to improve over time. Anticipated time savings on invoice processing include:

  • 60% time savings on all order-related paper invoices,

  • 40% on all non-order related paper invoices, and

  • 95% on all electronic invoices.

“The Basware solution has helped us achieve significant savings across the accounts payables department.” – Ed Prins, Financial Services Manager at Heineken

3-way Matching of Purchase Orders and Invoices

75% of their order-related paper invoices and 93% of their order-related electronic invoices are now matched automatically using 3-way matching. Ed Prins says, “The accuracy of automated order matching was a key metric for the success of the project and the Basware solution has exceeded expectations.”

Ready to learn more?

Download the full case study to find out more about:

  • How they were able to reduce the dedicated AP headcount in two years, and

  • How many suppliers they anticipate being able to move to e-invoicing in future.