Why I'm Proud to Be the General Manager of Basware North America

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

5 minute read

Why I'm Proud to Be the General Manager of Basware North America

It's been announced in the press, so it's official (and feeling very real): I recently had the privilege to take on the role of General Manager of Basware North America. I must be doing something right, because what an awesome opportunity! I get to serve in a leadership position in an amazing company, with a remarkable set of employees and customers, in a market with an exponential upside.


Basware has built a tremendous business around delivering on the value promise of networked source to pay, doing so for over 30 years. Helping organizations achieve visibility, control and savings, along with simplification of customers' businesses through automation and efficiency, has resulted in a global customer footprint that we are proud to serve and showcase.

The Most Exciting Time for Source to Pay is Now

Based on my decade in source to pay, I feel confident in saying this is the most exciting time to be in the industry, and particularly in North America. During my time in this space, I've seen ups and downs in the market. I've seen the paradigm shift from on-premise software to the world of cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). I've seen solutions come and go. And I've seen the staying power of those organizations – both customers and solution providers – who are willing to embrace technology in our rapidly changing world. So, why is this the most exciting time for source to pay? Because for the first time ever, organizations have unfettered access to their own financial data and are empowered to use this information to make the decisions that transform their businesses.

The World Through My Eyes

At first, you might be like, data is exciting – is this guy serious? But looking into the very near future, what I see is Basware customers in North America and abroad harnessing the power of 100% spend visibility – a capability only the Basware solution can deliver – to realize ROI today and future-proof their business for tomorrow. Then it starts to get really interesting because we start talking about machine learning, AI, predictive and prescriptive analytics, working capital optimization – all only possible through the power of 100% centralized data capture. Once companies are in the position to access and leverage these emerging technologies that are feeding on their financial data, they can create competitive advantages that propel them forward, ahead of the pack. So, you can see how we are on the brink of something big here and why I am so excited about data.

Customer Success is My Lighthouse

As the General Manager of Basware in North America, I'm committed to the role I play in this transformational time in source to pay. It's my job to guide a very capable and passionate team as they ensure the success of North American companies. Together, we’ll work to help customers capture 100% of their financial data and bring them global best practices from around the world for streamlining operations and spending smarter. I will work to open doors for our customers so they have access to more partners, more business advisors, and more analysts to realize their ultimate success. Their success is our success and I am honored to share this journey with them.
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