Rown Lemley
Senior Product Marketing Manager 

Wow, we just wrapped up the February edition of e-Invoicing Leadership – the Expert Sessions and I think it was one of my favorite webinars to date. What a great discussion. Thank you @SamiNikula and @PauliinaKulla for supporting a great conversation on e-invoicing. For those of you knew to the concept of the Expert Sessions, we meet each month to put a new topic in front of a panel of experts, we poll the audience and we get your questions into the conversation. This month we explored the landscape for e-invoicing sending solutions. Don’t worry, we made sure it wasn’t a sales pitch.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry, you can download and watch the recording from (HERE). But if you want a quick summary, no problem. We covered 4 topics over the course of the hour. First, we discussed the general requirements that regularely come up when talking about e-invoicing. Things like varying customer requirements, VAT compliance, data security, multi-country billing – all issues faced by larger organizations. Smaller organizations (we found) have similar but different issues and depending on your (you the reader) situation, it’s good to have an idea what to expect from e-invoicing – watch the recording.

We then went on to discuss briefly the different types of e-invoices, what makes up an e-invoice, is a PDF via email an e-invoice, etc. And without spending too much time on those basics, we went straight into the solution options on the market today. Although we covered many different types of solutions that fit different types of organizations (with varying requirements), we spent slightly more time on the latest tech from Basware: Basware PDF e-Invoice. It was worth spending a little extra time here because this solution is making e-invoicing a reality for all sizes of organization in a way not seen previously. Bruno Koch in his Billentis Report has predicted the rise of PDF/XML hybrid solutions as the future and with this solution, the future is now. We are pretty excited.

Lastly we covered the role of networks in the solution landscape and how they do a lot to mask complexity for the sender and the receiver. Background things like format conversion, different elements around compliancy, archiving and much more.

Well, I don’t want to give it all away, go download the webinar and make sure to register for our session in March where we do a deep dive into B2B e-invoicing/e-billing networks and the role they play.

Until next time,