Laura Schroder
Vice President, Global Product Marketing

To help answer questions like these we hear every day, Basware has created a new video series on unlocking value in the supply chain.

Networked purchase-to-pay simplifies and streamlines key financial processes by leveraging open B2B networks. Buying and selling in an open B2B network – where buyers and sellers are connected and transactions are captured in rich detail - creates a virtuous circle of faster cycle times and improved cash flow.

Buyers and sellers have fast and easy access to supply chain financing services, enabling greater financial agility and helping to unlock profit streams currently hidden in the balance sheet. By simplifying and streamlining key financial processes, businesses can increase their financial agility while increasing control, reducing costs and boosting cash flows.

In part one of this new five-part video series, we’ll take a look at how financial leaders can unlock cash in the financial supply chain to drive growth and reduce operational risk.

Watch this short video and take the first step to unlocking value in your financial supply chain.