Learn how to unlock the power of data and Basware analytics

Friday, April 1, 2022

5 minute read

Learn how to unlock the power of data and Basware analytics

Basware customers with our Analytics module can see the real financial situation of their business if they know how to look. This fully-integrated tool doesn’t just provide prescriptive analytics: our AI and ML tools even help you forecast the future with predictive analytics.

Having said that, we are aware that it’s not always easy to share insights across an organization and explain the value of Basware Analytics over the other BI tools you may already be using. Therefore we have produced two short-form videos to help support you.

How should you be communicating insights to your colleagues?

Basware’s Analytics solution is powered by Tableau; therefore, we thought there would be no one better than their data evangelist, Andy Cotgreave, to explain the secrets of how our brain makes sense of visual data – and why this matters.

Watch the below video to be inspired, learn why we use charts and how you should use visualize data to communicate insights.

What’s unique about Basware Analytics, and how is the solution evolving?

What does 100% Spend visibility actually mean? Is it really possible? And how does Basware Analytics help customers achieve this?

In the below video, Kevin Kamau, Product Owner of Basware Analytics, explains all of the above topics, the reporting capabilities you can access, and the upcoming innovations Basware has planned to release.

To learn more about Basware Analytics visit our dedicated section here