Rowan Lemley
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Another month another Expert Session on e-invoicing leadership. I have to say – I might well enjoy these webinars more than my audience. What a great opportunity to delve into a topic that is both complex and yet full of possibility. You might look at e-invoicing as just a faster way to send an invoice (like email vs snail mail) but the reality is that e-invoicing is a precursor to many significant process improvement and cash flow improvement opportunities. Sure it takes some investment of time, energy and capital – but seriously, what (if anything) is worth having that doesn’t require some effort?

This month we talked about the role b2b networks play in supporting purchase to pay processes as well as contributing to cash flow improvements. We started by outlining what a network is (you think you know but you might be surprised). We discussed a few different models out there and how they play a role in managing complexity for both the sender of the invoice and the receiver (actually a huge point – you should check it out). We discussed (again) the current slew of governmental mandates concerning B2G e-invoicing and then we finished off with some suggestions for how you might choose the right network for you.

It’s interesting but since that webinar, Gartner has produced a new technology insight report on the subject and I would invite you to read it as it not only supports much of the guidance we provided in the expert session – but it says it in a much more structured way.

That said – don’t think I’m apologizing for the pace of the Expert Sessions. We need to cover a lot of ground in a short time (Gartner gets an entire report to cover what we do in 55 minutes).

Final judgement – if you haven’t seen the webinar, give it a listen (it’s here). If you haven’t signed up for the April session you can do it here