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Invoice Automation Grows your business, not your filing cabinet


Focus on the future - we'll take care of the paper.​​​​​​​

Invoice Automation Smarter Solutions

Minimize effort, maximise efficiency - don't break the bank

If you are a small or mid-sized business, here's an easy way to reduce manual work around invoice handling, purchases and expenses. And, it's all available on the go.

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Stay lean and agile

Stay lean and agile

Don't waste time passing paper around, free up time to focus on growing and developing your company.
Get more value

Get more value

Choose an affordable, mobile solution that delivers savings and cuts costs.
Keep suppliers happy

Keep suppliers happy

Eliminate errors and pay suppliers on time, or even early to capture discounts.

InvoiceReady: quick guide

Speed up your processes, save time and reduce frustration:

  • Invoices arrive ready-scanned and are simple to match with your existing procurement process
  • No huge IT overhead to worry about with no need to install hardware or software
  • Straightforward tutorials get you going quickly
  • Review and approve invoices from your laptop or mobile devices
  • Avoid bottlenecks and work more efficiently
  • Minimize storage for paperwork
Invoice Automation, InvoiceReady

Processing invoices on-the-go smoothed out bottlenecks at Tuna Entreprenad

View Tuna Entreprenad case study.

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7 Hacks for Business Growth

Avoid your team wasting time on inputting data, tracking down invoices or fixing errors. Read about the strategies you can use to get better financial control and simplify processes as your business grows.

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