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Automate your Purchase-to-Pay Process

Simplify operations with a seamless purchase-to-pay solution.​​​​​​​

Purchase to Pay Smarter Solutions

Stay competitive by automating your purchase-to-pay process

Saving money isn't good enough anymore - you have to get more value for the money being spent. Automate your purchase-to-pay process to make smarter buying decisions, create financial agility and release working capital tied up in the supply chain.

Simplify operations

Simplify operations

Streamline financial and procurement processes to improve productivity, lower the cost of operations and collect the data required to glean actionable insights.

Spend Smarter

Spend Smarter

Gain complete visibility over 100% of direct and indirect spending to understand how money is being used across the enterprise and identify opportunities to be more strategic.

Support Growth

Support Growth

Generate cost savings for new revenue to fund growth initiatives, saving $15 per invoice and capturing more discounts.

ADT and Tyco Fire saved £400,000 annually with Basware’s invoice automation solution

In addition to huge cost savings, ADT and Tyco Fire saw increased productivity, with invoice handling time reduced by 75% and annual processing volumes quadrupled.

“Cost cutting is a huge priority for any business. When you see numbers like that, it really highlights the efficiencies and cost savings that automating your processes can bring.”

Steve Katona, Accounts Payable Manager ADT and Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions
Read our ADT and Tyco Fire invoice automation case study

In early 2015, DNA received an astonishing 67% of its invoices as true e-invoices.

"No one wants to do manual processing here anymore - they are used to the Basware solution taking care of it automatically."

Kyösti Bergdahl, Development Manager, DNA
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95% time savings on electronic invoices

Heineken handles 430,000 invoices every year. Our automated invoicing solutions now deliver time savings of 60% on all order related paper invoices, 40% on all non-order related paper invoices, and 95% on all electronic invoices.

View Heineken case study

Invoice processing cut from 20 days to 7 by McDonald's in Germany

e-Invoicing helps manage a complex supply chain more efficiently and cost effectively.

See the McDonald's Germany case study

Sustainability goal drives global efficiency

Philips aims to keep its carbon footprint as small as possible. We helped to maximize this core value by providing a global solution that meets compliance requirements and saves paper.

See case study

Sonic increases efficiencies and cuts costs on handling 450,000 invoices a year

Saving substantial time, cost and effort, as well as reducing out-of-period payments has added to the American restaurant's bottom line.

See how Sonic drove improvements

Staples has fully automated its customer invoice sending from SAP.

"Customers can choose between an interactive or an automated way of working, depending on their profile and the number of invoices they receive."

Rutger Frissaer, eConsultant at Staples Advantage
See case study

Find out how Toshiba reduced invoicing costs by 75%

"Electronic payment and purchasing has clear business benefits. The more you get connected with your customers, the more likely it is that they will stay with you."

Klaus Dieter Leifgen, IT manager at Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH
View Toshiba case study

How YMCA of the Twin Cities moved controlled spending from 0% to 50% in 18 months

Seeing the savings they were producing helped the YMCA get all its staff on board to bring spending under control. Now they've got 100% in their sights.

View the YMCA of the Twin Cities case study
ADT and Tyco Fire
McDonald's logo
Staples Advantage

Purchase to Pay: Realize tomorrow's financial goals today

Future-proof your business, overcome challenges and create a scalable infrastructure for growth with the right combination of solutions using the world's largest open business network.

Analytics – actionable insights

Data is fundamental to transformation. Automation continuously aggregates your daily spend, cash flow and process data in the solution, and empowers you to make faster, smarter decisions.

See Analytics solutions
Purchase Analytics

AP Automation - cutting cost and complexity

Simplify the handling of all types of invoices to create a touchless process that eliminates errors, gets suppliers paid faster and results in more reliable forecasting.

See AP Automation solutions
AP Automation Solutions

WeProcurement - change spend behavior

Roll-out a collaborative approach to e-procurement that increases compliance, spend visibility and savings by changing spend behavior. With a consumer-like shopping experience and easy ordering, users will actually like using the solution. And, procurement teams will get more time to work on strategic initiatives instead of policing the organization.

See e-Procurement solutions
eProcurement Solutions

Travel and Expense Management – on the go

Gain control over a historically tricky area of business spending by adding travel and expense claims to your purchase-to-pay platform. Make employees happy with an on-the-go solution that gets them reimbursed faster.

See Travel and Expense Management solutions
Travel and Expense Management Solutions

Business Consulting – expert insights

Let us help you remove the roadblocks that are holding back your business. Our value engineering approach, based on 30 years of experience, can help you re-construct processes and maximize the value of your solution.

See Business Consulting solutions
Business Consulting

Solutions for SMEs

Realize the value of a purchase-to-pay solution tailored to your business size.

See InvoiceReady solutions
Inside stories: P2P

Finavia cuts suppliers from 8,627 to 3,492 to right size its supplier base

Reduced invoice volumes and bulk discounts save money for Finland's airport operator.

See how Finavia saved money with better P2P

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