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PDF e-invoice Sending Smarter Solutions

Send your PDF invoices to us - we'll convert them into e-invoices and take care of the rest

No need for big IT solutions or projects, use PDF e-invoicing and you can streamline invoicing like the big players. Just send PDFs in an email to Basware and we'll convert them into true e-invoices for you.

Save time and get paid faster

Save time and get paid faster

Speed up invoicing, get paid faster and save costs compared with handling paper invoicing.
Continue sending PDFs

Continue sending PDFs

Send PDF invoices as usual, while customers receive true e-invoices in their preferred format.
Leverage low-tech, no-tech solutions

Leverage low-tech, no-tech solutions

Easily move to e-invoicing without finding a huge budget for new technology systems or projects.

PDF e-invoice sending: quick guide

  1. Create your invoice as a PDF, including your customer’s e-invoice address
  2. Email it to us and we'll convert it into a true e-invoice

How e-invoicing supports your processes

When you opt for e-invoicing you'll get:
  • Low processing costs
  • Automatic format conversions that meet your customers' needs
  • e-invoices that include full line item data
  • Support for 65+ invoice formats
  • Automatic invoice format conversions and built-in compliance
  • Increased visibility and control over accounts receivable with invoice status tracking
  • VAT compliance support

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