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e-invoice Sending

Go 100% electronic from Day 1.


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Use a fast, efficient e-invoicing solution

Why are so many companies and governments moving to e-invoicing? Automation helps them get paid faster and cut billing costs. Find out how it simplifies doing business and makes life easier.

Get paid faster

Get paid faster

Send invoices and we'll convert them into the formats your customers prefer, making it easy for them to pay promptly.
Increase visibility

Increase visibility

Increase control over your accounts receivables with a simple way to track invoice status and identify issues.
Go global

Go global

Benefit from built-in compliance support with country-specific VAT/tax regulations.

Start sending 100% e-invoices from day 1 – it's that simple

You're familiar with the problem, issuing paper invoices is an intense manual-heavy process with high costs and low efficiency. Mistakes and delays are rife , causing bottlenecks and late payments. But e-invoices can quickly solve those problems.

Use a network solution where your invoices are automatically converted into a format that works for your customer. Using an automated solution gives you better oversight, with added visibility and control over your account receivables. Most importantly, it speeds the process of getting paid faster.

e-invoicing is easy both locally and globally, just join the Basware Network and we'll connect you with your customers. Companies trading internationally or with businesses based in several countries can use one e-invoice sending service that covers all of the relevant markets with built-in VAT/tax compliance support. We convert the bills while you focus on more strategic tasks.


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